About us


Creative Care and Support Services was created out of a desire to do better for children with a disability and the families who care for them.

Parenting a child with a disability is often an agonising quest to make their lives as easy as possible, while continuing to strive for ways to expand their ability and opportunity to live a full, joyous and meaningful life.

Creative Care and Support Services has a vision to create a better future for children with a disability through:

  • Innovative, contemporary approaches to child and youth disability services delivered by high quality staff
  • Structured and ‘joined up’ programs that intersect with community, education and government pathways
  • Tailored Vacational Care and holiday support services to enable children to experience fun, safe and creative programs, while supporting families to continue their work and social commitments.

Our School Holiday Care Program is the first of its kind aimed specifically at children with high needs. Children and their families will benefit from our absolute commitment to:

  • Expert educators
  • Child-centred support
  • Enriching experiences
  • Quality, safety and care

Maria Palumbo, Founder and Operational Program Manager

“Our son Logan was diagnosed with severe autism and global developmental delay before he was 18 months old. At the time, my husband and I really had no idea what this meant. He just seemed like a very happy, independent baby. The paediatrician told us that he would have trouble doing most things for the rest of his life and to prepare ourselves for a long, hard and emotional journey.

We researched everything we could and tried so many different approaches to change the course of that initial prognosis, including expensive Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) programs overseas and many Australian-based therapies and interventions.

More than anything, we wanted Logan to live a ‘normal’ life. We sent him to a mainstream school and did everything possible to help him assimilate there. But he was very anxious and emotional and although the school did their best, he just wasn’t participating in any learning activities. We transferred him to a specialist school and almost immediately, the change was remarkable – he was much happier and the school worked with us to complement the way we did things at home.

What I’ve learnt is that ‘integration’ can be achieved in a variety of different ways, and that sometimes, tailored services that help build social and learning skills in a specialist environment can often produce a better outcome.

As a working Mum of two, I needed vocational after-school and holiday care, so we enrolled Logan in a mainstream after-school program with the support of a wonderful Education Support Staff member, Kayla Theodore, who knew her role was not just supporting Logan to participate, but also building the confidence and interest of the other children to play and engage with him. We employed Kayla as respite staff when we needed extra support during holiday periods. Her relationship with Logan has been a critical factor in him being able to participate in extracurricular activities. He just ‘does more’ when he’s with Kayla and this is testament to her expert skills in building a meaningful relationship with our son, Logan, who is on the Spectrum.

It was one of those ‘Wouldn’t it be great if...?’ conversations with Kayla that sparked the idea for Creative Care and Support Services.

Wouldn’t it be great if:

...children with severe disabilities had programs designed specifically for them?

... parents and carers of these children could access high quality, ongoing and integrated support services for after school and vocational care?

...those services were based on leading practice, staffed with highly competent and respected people in their field?

...the programs and therapies helped to equip children with the skills they need to transition to school and beyond, and to enjoy arts, music and creative play that builds their sense of belonging, enjoyment and independence?

The concept for Creative Care and Support Services was born from these imaginings.